Agricultural Track processingHere, at Exo-Track, we have developed a unique technology that allows us to readily remove ductile iron cleats from  tracks. The track can then be processed as any other recycled rubber material.

Agricultural tracks often use rubber cleats, these are high quality rubber that we can process without contaminating them with wire. Exo-track is constantly seeking to improve the efficiency of its track recycling process to ensure that clients get the best green credentials from their used tracks.

The Exo-Track process is both cost and environmentally friendly. When we take collection of  end-of-life tracks,  worries about disposal are over. Clients can know with certainty that their end of life tracks are being responsibly recycled and that their final destination is 100% in line with the Landfill Directive.Conventional shredding process is used

Exo-Track is licensed by the Environment Agency to recycle end-of-life tracks and as a Waste Carrier and will provide clients with all paperwork for any audit for their in house waste control measures.

It’s as simple as 1 2 3…

1 –Call our team on 01226 209979 and tell us how much track you need to dispose of

2 – If required,we can arrange for collection of the track for  recycling

3 – We provide  certification to prove your disposal of the track is compliant with environmental regulations