Exo-Track Repurposes and Recycles on a Grand Scale

Your end-of-life tracks can be put to environmentally sound use in a second life.

We can process the rubber, ductile iron and steel in your tracks. The ductile iron and steel is high quality and is of real interest to the iron and steel industry. So, all the ductile iron and steel recovered from your end-of-life tracks goes back into new ductile iron or steel products and could be part of the next car, fridge or cutlery you purchase.

sports surfaces

Sports surfaces gain all weather performance by using recycled rubber crumb

The rubber, has multiple uses. Rough, wire free chip can be used in equestrian arenas or as a soil conditioner, or to reinforce paths and roadways in agricultural sites. It is particularly useful in restoring high traffic roadways across fields as it helps with drainage and allows fresh grass to grow.

Finer crumb and granulate can go into sports surfaces, sports tracks and road furniture such as speed bumps and kerbs. It can even be used mixed with elastomers to create moulded tiles and bollards that don’t rust or break, but which have a cushioning effect.

Finer crumb and powder may get re-incorporated into new rubber blends as a filler and could even be used as feedstock for de-vulcanisation, rubber reclaim or even high-tech pyrolysis plants that recover steel, oil and recovered Carbon Black (rCB) or recovered Silica (rSilica).


Moulded products can be created using rubber crumb and elastomer binders to create impact absorbing walkways and floors.

There are developing markets for recycled rubber that range from rubber in concrete to give it flexing properties, through rubberised asphalt that makes our roads safer, quieter and longer lasting, or to polymer blends that can enhance the life of automotive products.

urbanWhat we do not do is dump your waste in landfill, or bale it for export to be disposed of in third world countries. When your company does its environmental due diligence study it will be able to report that its end-of-life track is responsibly recycled and follows an identifiable audit trail that leads to a second life.  That simple fact could help seal the deal on your next big contract.