We Supply:

Rubber Crumb and Granulate

Crumb Rubber ImageExo-Track is able to supply recycled rubber track materials for most purposes. If you have a use for unprocessed rubber track lengths for earthworks or construction, we can help.

Rubber crumb produced from tracks has a number of advantages over tyre derived crumb; it has a significantly higher percentage of natural rubber and is free from canvas or nylon commonly contained in tyres.  Rubber crumb from used truck and car tyres also contains fractions of the butyl liner which seriously affects compounds made with tyre derived crumb.  Rubber crumb from tracks is 100% butyl free.

If you want high quality fine crumb and powder, 99.9% steel free, Exo-Track can help.image of 4mm down granulate

Our rubber output can be custom specified to meet client requirements. Talk to the team at Exo-Track and we will find you a solution. If we can’t then we will help you find someone who can – we don’t just want to sell you rubber, we want you to be impressed by our pursuit of excellence in customer service. We want you to come back.

Full quality controls are in place throughout the whole recycling process and particle size distribution in the final granulate is strictly controlled against product specifications.

At Exo-Track we offer a guaranteed quality, ideal for use on equestrian surfaces, sports fields, agrimats, irrigation systems, moulded and extruded products, compounding, domestic and agricultural mulching and a wide variety of other uses.


Ductile iron CleatsDuctile Iron

We recover the high quality ductile iron cleats which we can supply direct to foundries





DSC_0706Steel Wireimage of steel wire

Recovered and cleaned steel wire can be utilised in reinforced concrete or fed into foundries to supplement steel manufacturing.

If you wish to purchase any of these end products. Please contact any member of the management team on +44 (0)1226 209979

Email: enquiries@exo-track.co.uk