Exo-Track – End-of-life Rubberised Track Recycling

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The days when the construction and agricultural industries could simply bury their waste as they went have long gone. Today the industries need to find ways to dispose of their waste materials legitimately and increasingly in an environmentally efficient manner. The EU Landfill Directive, which has been developed to limit waste going into landfill, has resulted in most landfills refusing to take rubber tracks.  The Environment Agency prohibits the burying of used tracks, including in embankments or under roadways. In fact, research has shown that such actions can be detrimental to the quality of the end project unless the waste is used in a controlled manner.

Exo-Track offers a solution to those needing to dispose of damaged or end of life rubberised tracks. Using our own proprietary equipment Exo-Track will take your waste rubber tracks and process them to recover rubber, ductile iron and steel wire.

The originator of the waste track materials can have full confidence that their environmental responsibilities are being fully catered for by Exo-Track.